"Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing"


"For us kids back then swing music was a certain way of life, swing music meant unlimited freedom. We were looking for a rockin' thing," Günter always said recalling his days as a swing kid. And when he introduced his DJ set he usually announced it with the words "You may start dancing now, but please refrain from destroying the furniture."


The Edition Günter Discher


Jazz historian and famous DJ produced almost 30 CDs of his own the edition, usually retrieving many gems from his own massive collection of more than 25,000 records. The edition introduces a very multifarious musical picture of the popular music heard, produced and composed in Germany before, while and after the war. The edition introduces swing, tango, jazz, latin, soundtracks and movie scores as well as German evergreens, many of them so popular that even today's youth remembers them.


The idea behind the edition


In close cooperation with Günter Discher (rip. 2012) the popular music from the decades of the 1920s up to the 1950s is being presented; very authentic and very tangible. And the edition offers much more: additionally to the selection by Germany's oldest DJ many CDs come with a bonus track, an “eyewitness account” of the reception, reputation and personal encounters with the bands, artists or general subjects featured in the program.


The eyewitness


Günter Discher was traveling very often to hold lectures on his youth in Nazi Germany, the dangers of being involved with swing music and the swing kids and his time in the concentration camp. Roughly according to his own memories and terrible experiences the US movie "Swing Kids" (1992) was shot. As one of the few original swing kids, concentration camp survivor and working DJ Günter Discher always was a popular guest in talkshows on TV and radio. 







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