Pop from the 1920s to the 1950s


The Edition Günter Discher is a very unique enterprise


Here in close cooperation with Günter Discher (rip. 2012) the popular music from the decades of the 1920s up to the 1950s is being presented; very authentic and very tangible. And the edition offers much more: additionally to the selection by Germany's oldest DJ many CDs come with a bonus track, an “eyewitness account” of the reception, reputation and personal encounters with the bands, artists or general subjects featured in the program. Günter Discher there recalled in a very informative and amusing way those days long ago with their respective stars and music, often with reference to his personal history and his dangerous encounters with Nazi terror.

The 28 CDs of the edition give a very multifarious musical impression of the popular music heard, produced and composed in Germany before, while and after the war. Naturally many songs were informed by current affairs back then, so music also serves as social document. The edition emphasizes swing, tango, jazz, latin, soundtracks and movie scores as well as German evergreens, many of them so popular that even today's youth remembers the songs.


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This edition gives access to the earliest forms of popular music in Germany – a rich selection of music, alive, vivid and funny. It is very thrilling to hear the difference to today's musical productions; those historical tunes sound “very” different, maybe because those were “handmade,” it was music with a heart that sounded quite authentic and real.

The edition features both the “Kings of Swing” - being labeled “entartet” (degenerated) by the Nazis - and European and local German talents; some of which today are being judged rather critical by critics due to their possible closeness to Nazi institutions and politics. So the CD in the edition oppose certain extreme musical contrasts: both #1 hits and strange songs of the musical avantgarde are on the same program. This certain tension is an integral part of any historical era, with emphasis on the peculiar circumstances in Germany it gets even more interesting, since there existed a very unique German culture of critical suppression in the mind of the individual during the Nazi reign.

However, both kinds of music were integral part of the musical culture in Germany of the 1920s up to the 1950s and both styles mark the very beginning of our own German popular culture. This historical period was witnessed and experienced by swing kid Günter Discher who presented these roots.

For the swing kids their love for the American music at first was nothing but the usual protest against the parent generation, but quickly this dedication grew into a struggle for freedom and independence.

Both the rare power of the swing tunes and the peculiar appeal of the pop tunes meet to present each individual CD in the edition as entertainment highlight. And while modernity is about to be passed by its own improvements, this kind of music gets back to the roots of it all.


Rare and exclusive finds


While producing each CD Günter Discher could draw from years of experience both as collector, consumer and eyewitness when he chose the most interesting and popular stars with their themes and songs. But the very uniqueness of the edition lies again in the composition of both the popular branch and Günter Discher's selection of very rare recordings and unpublished radio performances. Many a collector here found rarities unmentioned in any discography. Furthermore many big record labels often failed to transfer the complete output of their artists from shellac to vinyl in the 1950s. Well, these recordings can be found in the Günter Discher edition. Discher's huge audio vault contains more than 25,000 Lps and shellacs. He had to completely rebuild the archive after the war.


Sound quality on Ceraton


Each song in the edition is carefully restored with the highest standard in state-of-the-art audio mastering and it comes with lots of recording data and background in an extensive booklet together with pictures and illustrations. The audio requirements for the release of a recording on the Ceraton label are much higher than those of most other commercial productions. With us the rare and precious shellac recordings are being restored very carefully and finally enhanced to reestablish their original powerful sound – if you ever listened to a shellac record in good condition you know what we mean.

In this manner the “soul” of the recording is being preserved for generations of listeners to come – in the Ceraton sound quality.







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