Hamburg, September 10, 2012

We are mourning the passing of Günter Discher

One of the last great “swing kid” eyewitnesses passed away last Sunday. It is with much sorrow that we deliver this sad news.


Germany's oldest DJ passed away Sunday, September 9th. at age 87. Günter, a native of Hamburg, was a dedicated swing expert, renowned jazz historian and editor of his own CD edition.

Günter Discher was an important eyewitness for the events surrounding the so-called “Swing Jugend” (swing kids) during the time of Nazi terror in Germany. Due to his involvement with the swing kids he was being supervised and chased by the German secret police, to be finally arrested and sent to the juvenile concentration camp in Moringen (Lower Saxony) in 1942 where he remained until 1945.

Until his final days, Günter was a dedicated eyewitness for today's youth by keeping the horrors and injustices of those years alive in his lectures to make sure those days would never be forgotten.




Not only was Günter a superb DJ, he also was a fanatic lover and collector of swing music, establishing a huge collection of more than 10,000 CDs and 25,000 Lps. His own CD edition produced at Hamburg's record label Ceraton revives the music and the whole zeitgeist of a generation long passed but that now is back in demand again all over the world.


A beloved person has left us and we bemoan his absence. Our deeply felt sympathies go out to his family and his friends all over the world.

We remember Günter's words:

“Swing music was freedom – freedom without any limits.”







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